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Sun City Summerlin residents claim they're not getting ambulance promised

Sun City Summerlin residents claim they're not getting ambulance promised

By Marco Villarreal. CREATED Jan 3, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - Residents in one local community want answers from their fire department regarding a fire station under construction. They claim they're not getting what they were initially promised.

Sun City Summerlin, a retirement community, is getting a brand new fire station built within its boundaries.

"I heard that they were going to build a fire station. To which I thought was a very good idea," says Larry Merlino, who lives in Sun City Summerlin.

But some residents think that good idea is getting changed from the original one pitched several years ago.

"I'm wondering if it's having a rescue unit in there, but that was our impression when we first voted for it. That we were going to have a rescue unit for the seniors," says Beverly Pasco, who also lives in Sun City Summerlin.

Right now Sun City Summerlin still gets emergency units from surrounding fire stations.

"But it takes these units about ten minutes to get to the core," says Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Chief Mike Myers.

High risk fires or cardiac arrests happen though, and that worries Las Vegas Fire & Rescue.

"We want to get there quicker than ten minutes. It's key and critical that we get there in 5 or 6 minutes," says Chief Myers.

A rescue unit that resembles an ambulance will not be housed in the fire station. Instead, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue says it will house an engine unit.

"That ain't what we voted for. That's not what we voted for. So then we all got duped," said Pasco.

"Once the fires station is open, we're probably going to put a four person unit in the fire station, something like this, an engine company. It has two firefighters, one of them being a paramedic, the other one a medical technician, one captain, and one engineer," says Chief Myers.

With two other new fire stations expected to open in Las Vegas this year, the fire chief says he's working with the resources he has.

"We want to get an engine company in there that can get there in five minutes deliver the needed medical care, the fire suppression capability, an you're correct, you're doing it with a four man unit," says Chief Myers.

And as residents begin to understand what they're getting, they say as long as the ambulance is right behind the medical team...

"I guess that's OK," says Pasco.

"Maybe when the budget gets better and we start moving up, we can get another one," says Merlino.

The fire chief assures us their philosophy is to have an engine truck and a rescue unit in each fire station and hope to have that in the future. For now, he says Sun City residents will have medical teams responding quicker, and their ride to the hospital, a few minutes behind.

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