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Neighbors complain of broken smoke alarm

Neighbors complain of broken smoke alarm

By Spencer Lubitz. CREATED Dec 21, 2011

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- An incessant ringing has prevented residents of one Las Vegas neighborhood from getting any peace and quiet.

“I wake up every now and then just hearing it, it's hard for me to go back to sleep because it's all I'm thinking about,” said Melissa Ampicapon.

Neighbors say for months that a broken alarm in a seemingly unoccupied home has emitted a constant stream of noise.

“Every day it’s annoying, every morning, every night, all the time,” said Luisa Arias.

The sound has embedded itself so deeply into their minds, that no matter how far away they go, they can't escape those blaring bells.

“Whenever I go anywhere, I still feel like I hear that noise,” Ampicapon said.

Melissa lives three houses down from the alarm.  She said the distance doesn't do much to muffle the sound, “You can hear it all the way throughout the house, daytime and nighttime.”

Neighbors say they haven’t seen anyone at the home in ages.

The neighbor who asked us to look into this problem says she first called the fire department out to investigate. However, city fire officials tell us they don't respond home fire alarms.

Action News tracked down the homeowner, who lives in Southern California.

The man told us he will come to Las Vegas this weekend to stop the beeping, even if he has to rip the smoke alarms out of the walls.