Ex-Navy SEAL convicted of battery gets shorter sentence

Ex-Navy SEAL convicted of battery gets shorter sentence

By Makayla Zurn. CREATED Dec 15, 2011

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The former Navy SEAL was convicted on seven counts of battery with a deadly weapon, but will serve only 56 days in jail. Luke Shawley was caught on tape during a drunken rampage on the Las Vegas Strip last year.

"Boy, you sure were scary," District Court Judge James Bixler said to Shawley in court. "I'm sure you saw those clips as many times as I did and it was very frightening to see what happened."

Judge Bixler is talking about surveillance video of attacks which took place last Spring on the Las Vegas Strip. Shawley went on a drunken rampage beating random people with an aluminum pipe.

He doesn't have any recollection of the attacks and says he was drugged, but toxicology reports suggested otherwise.

Convicted in August of seven counts of battery with use of a deadly weapon, Shawley faced 15 years in prison, but Judge Bixler gave him a much lesser sentence.

"I don't think I can just let you walk away from this case without having to do something in terms of a penalty," said Bixler. "And as minimal as it is, I really think a 60 day jail sentence was appropriate."

A surprise after such a brutal attack. The prosecution wanted at least a couple years in prison but the judge believes Shawley had some sort of mental break that night, either alcohol or drug induced.

He says the attacks were completely out of character for the him. And considering his flawless record and past as a Navy SEAL, the judge gave him a break.

"We are very fortunate that the judge saw it the way that we did and sentenced him to probation," said Defense Attorney Ross Goodman.

Most likely Shawley will be released because of jail overcrowding, when he returns in January to serve his sentence.

The former Navy SEAL was discharged from the military in November. He plans to move back to North Carolina and go back to school.