Eyesore next door near Center St. & Warm Springs

Eyesore next door near Center St. & Warm Springs

By Loni Blandford. CREATED Dec 12, 2011

Henderson, NV (KTNV) - It's a house with no roof and enough trash in the yard to fill a dumpster. The only problem is no one is cleaning it up. One Henderson man says he is sick of having to live across the street from it. So why is no one taking responsibility for it?

"I'd rather look at the plain dirt than have to look at this," said Gary Hansen.

Gary has lived in the neighborhood near Center Street and Warm Springs since the 1960's. While he doesn't on moving anytime soon he hopes the house across the street from him will.

"It's definitely a safety hazard," said Gary.

Gary says it has looked that way for four years. He emailed us after seeing another house featured on Action News recently.

"I said if you think that's bad you ought to see mine," said Gary.

The house is wide open and it is missing some doors. Some of the windows are broken and Gary says the construction equipment has caught the eye of thieves.

"I've seen people go in there and bring things out, part of equipment," said Gary.

From a shopping cart to an office chair and a fire extinguisher Gary says each day it's a new piece of trash added to the mix. Action News checked the county's Assessor's office web site which says the house is owned by Michael Salomonson. We called the City of Henderson. They say their Code Enforcement Department is aware of this property and say they've talked to Salomonson.

They say Salomonson claims he no longer owns the house because of the judgment.

"There should be laws to take care of things like this," said Gary.

The City is no looking into that claim and can't take any action until they've researched it. So Gary won't see it change anytime soon.

"It ought to be knocked down and somebody should rebuild," said Gary.

Action News talked to Salomonson's lawyer who says her client isn't responsible for anything on that property. We're going to follow up with the City of Henderson and see what they learn about Salomonson's claim.

If you have an eyesore next door in your neighborhood send an email to 13investigates@ktnv.com