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Heart Check America customers could soon see resolution from class action suit

Heart Check America customers could soon see resolution from class action suit

By Loni Blandford. CREATED Dec 8, 2011

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - A local company could soon be held financially responsible for suddenly closing up shop and leaving its customers high and dry. Those customers signed thousand dollar contracts with a medical imaging company. Seven months later after our first report, Action News continues to get emails from customers of Heart Check America.

"I was just sucked in there's no other way around it and so was everybody else," said Les Hugle.

Sucked in Hugle says by the piece of mind that would come with knowing he was in good health. Hugle signed up with Heart Check America after visiting the company's office on Sahara near Buffalo in October 2010. Hugle and his wife financed the almost $3,500 cost for full body scans through Chase Health Advance.

"There's payment records here for probably 6 months then we just paid the whole note off," said Les.

They got their first scans and visited their doctor. Since they weren't due for another scan until October 2012, Hugle didn't think much about it until his friend mentioned something.

"I think this place just closed up, we can't get them on the telephone," said Les.

Closed up not only in Las Vegas, but several other states as well, after officials in Nevada and Colorado found the company was scanning people without a doctor's order which is against state law. With his bill paid in full, Hugle wondered if all that money is just gone.

""You don't want to but you kind of write it off and say oh well," said Les.

But he wasn't alone. Attorney George West III filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of another valley customer against the company and Chase Bank.

"If they financed their contract through Chase Advance Health or through Conrad Acceptance and were making payment to either of those entities they automatically fall into the definitions of the class," explained West.

West says there are other class actions pending against the company in California, Illinois and Colorado. He is now working with attorneys in those states hoping a resolution will help customers like Hugle.

"I'm out of work right now, money would come in very handy," said Hugle.

Nevada's Attorney General says they are working with Attorneys General in other states. So far this year, the Attorney General's Office in Colorado has received 179 complaints against Heart Check America. Nevada's Attorney General office didn't have exact numbers but Action News has heard from more than 100 customers. We tried reaching out to the company but their web site is down and their phone number is disconnected. We're going to keep in touch with West to see what happens in court.

If you are a customer of Heart Check America you can file a complaint with the Attorney General's Office. Just call 702 - 486 - 3420.