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Couple accused of stuffing landlord in box booked in Las Vegas

Couple accused of stuffing landlord in box booked in Las Vegas

By Drew Karedes. CREATED Nov 24, 2011

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - The couple accused of killing their landlord and stuffing his body in a box is now back in Las Vegas and in jail.

Jail records show Anthony Stiger and Melanie Costantini, both age 20, have been booked at the Clark County Detention Center.

The pair faces charges of murder with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit murder with a deadly weapon. Both were nabbed by the FBI and LAPD in California on Nov. 14, nearly a week after crossing state lines.

Investigators allege that they tortured 58-year-old Harold Shilberg to his death and then shoved his body in a garment-sized U-Haul box. A bloody saw was later found in their apartment.

Police believe the two planned on disposing the body on Nov. 9, but for some reason left it at the bottom of a stairwell at the Newport Apartments.

Neighbors there describe living in fear every day.

"I have to sleep with the furniture on my door, cause I don't know what's going on. It's just a little creepy around here," said "Mary," who is hoping the suspects' extradition will bring some answers.

A motive is still looming on the minds of many at Newport. Residents tell Action News that property owner, Harold Shilberg, was a reasonable guy.

"Why? Why, would you go to this extent to kill somebody?" asked Pat.

The cold-blooded crime is especially having an impact on residents because suspect, Anthony Stiger, was their maintenance man. 

Stiger was just hired in August after a recommendation from his grandparents, who manage the property.

Grandparents Willa and Alex Herman claim they had a good relationship with their boss, and they claim their grandson also appeared to be on good terms with Shilberg.

The Hermans claim that Anthony Stiger gave them no warning signs.

"Anthony was a great guy. He was a good guy. He was a good husband, a good father, a good grandson, a good son. That's why this stuff is not making any sense to us," said Willa Herman in a November 17th interview.

Friends tell Action News that Harold Shilberg recently returned from a lengthy trip in Australia.

Police suspect the pair that stands accused had planned out the killing, but homicide detectives haven't addressed a motive.

Stiger and Costantini are scheduled to appear in court Monday morning.