Eyesore next door near Racetrack & Boulder Highway

Eyesore next door near Racetrack & Boulder Highway

By Loni Blandford. CREATED Nov 15, 2011

Henderson, NV (KTNV) - More than a year ago, a fire charred a Henderson home and the home still looks exactly the way it did days after the flames broke out. Neighbors are sick of looking at it.

"Every day I walk out of my garage of my front door and I look at that," explained David Taylor.

When David bought his home near Racetrack and Boulder Highway he never imagined he would have a view like he does.

"As a homeowner it's terrible, it's just terrible," said David.

He didn't live in this neighborhood for a year when police say his neighbor Chad Kreiser barricaded himself inside the house and started it on fire. The Action News Hawk flew over the scene as firefighters doused hot spots on October 15, 2010. Fast forward to today and not much has changed. The place is still a mess as a couch, a huge hole and debris still remain.

"After a year we're still getting people come up here and stop and look," explained David.

In Chad Kreiser's arrest report the fire chief said the only option was to demolish the house. David says when he saw the UTE Construction signs and a fence go up he thought that might actually happen, but it didn't.

"I called the City, called ever body I knew to," said David.

But still there was no cleanup and David couldn't get anyone to tell him why so he emailed Action News. We called Henderson City officials. They tell us they're very much aware of this property.

"There are legal proceedings in process and so we don't want to get involved with tampering any type of evidence or alter anything that has to do with the legal proceeding," said Kathy Blaha, Public Information Officer for the City of Henderson.

"Kreiser is charged with felony arson, burglary and resisting arrest. Until there is a judgment on those charges, the City, Ute Construction and the Homeowner's Association say they can't take any action.

"Our code enforcement staff is really anxious to start working with the homeowner as well they understand that there is a blight issue and they want to make the neighborhood clean and safe for all the neighbors that live in that neighborhood," said Kathy.

Right now David is the closet neighbor since the house directly next door and the one that's diagonal are both up for sale. He says he wonders how long they'll be on the market considering what the new homeowners would see when they look out their window.

"Our property values is way down even with the economy but let alone with that," said David.

Kreiser's arraignment in District Court on the arson and burglary charges was continued until December 29th.  We called his attorney for comment since according to the Assessor's Office Kreiser still owns the house. His attorney did not want to comment. But the City, UTE and the HOA are all waiting to hear what comes out of court. We will be following the case and keep you updated.