Sisters describe witnessing girls hit by car in North Las Vegas crosswalk

Sisters describe witnessing girls hit by car in North Las Vegas crosswalk

By Katie Crowther. CREATED Nov 13, 2011

North Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - For the first time, the older sisters of the three little girls hit by a car in a North Las Vegas crosswalk, are speaking out. They were with the girls when the accident happened, and saw everything.

Both those older sisters reached out to Action News, wanting to share their story. Their families were there for the interview.

All of them are still spending a lot of time at UMC, because Alyssa - one of the little girls who was hit - is still in serious condition.

But as Action News found out, Alyssa is making strides. On Sunday, with the help of nurses, the five-year-old sat up for the first time in more than three weeks.

Alyssa's older sister, Makayla, just wishes she could come home.

"Alyssa not being home is really hard," she says, with tears in her eyes. "I'm already planning for the day Alyssa gets out of the hospital. We're going to have a Halloween party at the park, since she had to miss it this year. I'll give her a big hug, and do whatever she wants to do."

Makayla, and her friend Kaelyn, were walking home from the park with their little sisters. The younger girls - just a few steps ahead - were hit by an elderly driver in the crosswalk at Bent Arrow Drive and Camino Eldorado.

Rain has made a full recovery. Alyssa is still fighting. But six-year-old, Mia Decker, died from her injuries.

"I always took care of her," says Mia's older sister, Kaelyn. "I took her everywhere I went."

Makayla and Kaelyn tried to help the little girls, and frantically called their parents from the accident scene.

"It's been tough, but I'm getting through it," Kaelyn says.

Both girls say it's hard to be near the crosswalk. Even driving by it is difficult. Both of them have painful flashbacks of the accident.

"The flashbacks come at night, when I close my eyes and try to go to sleep," Kaelyn says. "It all comes back to me. Or sometimes, when I'm in the car, I see Mia crossing. It shakes me."

For Kaelyn, the hardest part is now adjusting to life without Mia, her only sister.

"It's hardest at bed time for me, because I'm always used to her coming in and sleeping beside me," she says.

Kaelyn and Makayla say they find the most comfort being with each other now, since they've both been through so much together. Both girls are back to school. They say a lot of their friends, and other kids in the area, are just as shaken by what happened. Many of them are nervous to even cross a street.

This crosswalk tragedy prompted Action News to take action against dangerous roads and crosswalks in the valley. We've launched a campaign called, "Be Smart, Be Safe." To join, just click here.

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