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UFC fighter Forrest Griffin apologizes for offensive tweet

UFC fighter Forrest Griffin apologizes for offensive tweet

By Heather Klein. CREATED Nov 10, 2011

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Outrage over a tweet sent out by UFC fan favorite Forrest Griffin has the fighter saying he's sorry.  The tweet said: "Rape is the new missionary."

"I like to cause trouble, I like to stir the pot and I like to make a mess of things, but I really do not want to be mean or malicious to anyone," Griffin said.

But the pot-stirring his tweet started isn't the kind Griffin can settle in a cage. 

Forrest said he was responding to the number of recent high-profile cases in the news involving rape, such as the Penn State scandal, and remarking that rape has become commonplace.  

Hannah Brook, Executive Director at the local Rape Crisis Center, knows that all too well.

"The entire comment was disgusting and insensitive," Brook said.

Because of the backlash, Forrest went to the Rape Crisis Center on Thursday evening.  He met with and apologized to Hannah.   He also took a tour of the facilities and made a donation.

"I feel bad, I want to apologize, I feel like a should be punished a little bit," Griffin said.

The offensive tweet has been removed.  In its place Forrest tweeted 'by the time you want to take it back, its out there'.  Then later he tweeted, 'I'm sorry. I'm gonna go ahead and put myself on twitter restriction'.

"Maybe other professional athletes or just guys in locker rooms can kind of be more sensitive towards the topic of rape.  Once you take the comments in the light of day you feel disgusted by it, but at the time you don't think," Griffin said.

A UFC spokesperson told Action News they held a social media training seminar earlier this year to teach fighters the impact of their posts.  Forrest said clearly he wasn't paying attention that day.