Residents voice strong opposition of Sloan mine proposal

Residents voice strong opposition of Sloan mine proposal

By Heather Klein. CREATED Nov 3, 2011

 Las Vegas, NV (KTNV ) - A proposal to allow mining on an area of public land in Sloan is getting heavy backlash from people who live nearby.

They say the mining is bad for the environment and bad for their neighborhood.  The proposal is to allow mining for limestone and dolomite, the ingredients for cement, in a series hills in Sloan. People living nearby in Henderson, are strongly against the proposal.

"Listen to what the people here have to say, these people in this community do not want this," resident Len Vinggiani says.

Residents like Len don't want to deal with the blasting, the dust and the potential damage to the environment.

"The environmental impact statement issued by BLM says that there's going to be toxins released into the air every year," resident Olga Riepe says.

The Bureau of Land Management just released their first Environmental Impact Statement.  They'll release a second one in January 2013, before making any decisions on mining.  

Several local and state leaders, including Commissioner Steve Sisolak and Senator Harry Reid, have already voiced strong opposition to this mining proposal.