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Drivers may not know full pedestrian safety laws

Drivers may not know full pedestrian safety laws

By Marco Villarreal. CREATED Nov 3, 2011

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV)- Talking with drivers it seems most have an idea of what the laws are regarding pedestrian safety, but like one man said we all could use some brushing up.

With a rash of pedestrian accidents recently drivers across the Valley are paying attention.

"These kids are just getting mowed over. I mean even in neighborhoods. It's just sad," says Anthony Mikulski, a local driver.

And so are driving instructors. Rich Heinrich teaches defensive driving and drivers ed.

"What is the number one issue drivers have when it comes to pedestrian safety," asks reporter Marco Villarreal with Action News.
"Drivers are in a rush and they feel they have the right of way," says Heinrich.

Many drivers come from all over the country.

"Laws are different, and even if it's the slightest difference that could mean the difference between driving safely or maybe possibly severally injuring or killing somebody," says Heinrich.

So we decided to give some drivers a pop quiz on pedestrian safety laws in Nevada.

"How far ahead do you think you should be looking," asks Action News.

"You know, I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty good at that. I look way ahead," says Renaldo Wynn, who came here from Chicago.

"When do you decide to say, either I stop or go though this crosswalk," we ask Mikulski.

"I believe as soon as somebody, if somebody is there waiting to cross the crosswalk you have to stop," he answers.

"When can you start going again," we ask Wynn.

"Once they cross the street, right? Once they get on the other side right? Is that right," he asks as he laughs.

"If they're on your side, then you have to wait until they're on the opposite side," the driver's ed instructor says.

That's for crosswalks with a diamond shaped sign. If it's a school crosswalk with a home plate shaped sign, then you wait for pedestrians to get completely over to the other sidewalk.

"I'm sure I'm not as aware as far as some of the laws, and maybe that's something I need to brush up on," says Wynn.