Special needs child suffers alleged abuse at hands of teacher

Special needs child suffers alleged abuse at hands of teacher

By Blake McCoy. CREATED Oct 25, 2011

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A special education teacher has been pulled from the classroom following an incident at Red Rock Elementary School two weeks ago.

The Clark County School District confirms the teacher is under investigation for abusing and neglecting one of her students, stemming from an incident on the campus playground October 12th.

"What she did is inexcusable," says the child's mother, Amber, who Action News is only identifying by first name to protect her child's identity.

On the day in question, Amber says her special needs child peed her pants on the playground. The teacher then reportedly grabbed the child, dragging her across the asphalt with her pants falling down.

"She dragged her to the bathroom with her pants below her waist," says Amber. "Enough for you to see her front privates and her back privates."

The little girl is hearing impaired and has other disabilities, so was unable to report the incident.

Amber says two teachers witnessed the ordeal and reported it to the school's principal.

"Who knows what happened behind closed doors when she got to the bathroom," fears Amber. "Did she shake my child? Did she yell at my child? Who knows."

The Clark County School District tells Action News they are aware of the accusations and are taking them very seriously. Superintendent Dwight Jones has even reviewed the case personally.

"We've removed the teacher from the classroom and the suspension and dismissal process is underway," says CCSD spokesperson Amanda Fulkerson. "I can't say too much because this is an ongoing investigation but I think it's safe to say that we've swiftly taken action ."

Surveillance video on the campus captured the alleged incident and that tape is now part of the investigation.

"It is important to note that in cases like this the teacher does get a fair hearing in front of an independent arbitrator," says Fulkerson.

As for Amber and why she's coming forward with her daughter's story, she fears there may be more special needs kids abused by this same teacher.

"A lot of my daughter's classmates don't speak so they don't have a voice," says Amber. "I hope our story will help others speak up because I'm not afraid."