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Eyesore next door near Durango & Alexander

Eyesore next door near Durango & Alexander

By Loni Blandford. CREATED Oct 20, 2011

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - Not all abandoned properties are glaring eyesores. But one Valley man fears one in his neighborhood could be soon. There's already been a fire there and now he fears what could come next.

He's trying to do something before the house becomes a major eyesore.

"Everything was pretty much up to our standards and then boom here this is right at the entrance of our own community," said Skip Reilley.

Skip Reilley hasn't lived in his near Durango and Alexander for long, but long enough to know he's tired of looking at an abandoned property. He says the homeowners moved out months ago and the default signs went up. Since then, he's seen a lot of activity at the house.

"On the back side of the house the windows are completely burned out with smoke," said Skip.

Back in August, firefighters were called out to the house to put out a small fire. It caused about $100,000 in damage and officials still don't know what started it. They do know at the time of the fire, the house was vacant and unsecured.

"They see the houses that are vacant so they know the ones they can go into," said Vicky Lopez, who lives nearby.

Vicky says she is sick of looking at the boarded up windows.

"We're trying to keep our property values up and keeping our yards together but that's not helping," said Vicky.

The front door is littered with business cards for restoration and cleanup. According to the Clark County Assessor's web site the property is still in the homeowner's name. Action News did learn through the Clark County Recorder's Office that Recontrust Company issued a notice of default against it in September.

"Whoever is responsible for the property needs to take responsibility for it and at least bring it up to some kind of standard of the neighborhood," said Skip.

We tried calling the homeowner and didn't get a working number. Bank of America, who works with Recontrust says this property is still in the foreclosure process. They're going to send a contractor out to determine what repairs are needed. Clark County Commissioners may also have a solution to help. They're considering forcing banks to have a local representative check on foreclosure properties frequently, in hopes of keeping them from becoming an eyesore.

"It's all about making sure it doesn't get any worse," said Skip.

Commissioners are still working on that proposal. Until the house officially changes hands, the view for Skip and Vicky may not change. We'd like to thank Skip for emailing us. If you have an eyesore next door in your neighborhood send an email to