Camco inducted into HOA Hall of Shame

Camco inducted into HOA Hall of Shame

By Darcy Spears. CREATED Oct 11, 2011

Clark County, NV (KTNV) - It's time once again for Contact 13 to induct a new member into the HOA Hall of Shame.

But this one comes with a twist.

Its the management company--not the board--joining the Hall of Shame ranks.

Chief Investigator Darcy Spears has the story of two homeowners, one car and a case of mistaken identity.

The house facing Cayla Schofield's is littered with yellowing phone books and peeling foreclosure notices. And while the weeds grow tall and the place slips into disrepair, the HOA still frets over the occasional car that's parked in front of it.

"We had gotten a notice about parking our car there before and we moved our car right away, and then all of a sudden we got a notice for a blue Ford ZX2."

The only problem with that, says Cayla, is "We don't own a blue Ford ZX2.  And I called them and let them know that that wasn't our car and they said that they had determined it was my car."

The car was parked across the street in the driveway of a home that's been abandoned for years. 

So how did the HOA determine that the car belonged to Cayla?

"They said that my property was under surveillance.  My own HOA was surveiling me!  And that they witnessed somebody walking from a car, the blue Ford, into my house."

The car has Pennsylvania license plates, but Cayla is a Las Vegas native.

"Born and raised.  All my life."

And despite telling Camco--the HOA management company--that she'd never even been to Pennsylvania much less bought a car there...

"They told me I had to attend a hearing.  I was gonna get fined."

So she went around her neighborhood and found Rachel, who lives right next door and is from... Guess where?

"I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania."

And so is her car.

"It's pretty obvious that it's mine," Rachel says.  "I keep it in the driveway sometimes or outside the house, so I'm not really sure where they came up with the fact that oh, this has to be her (Cayla's) car."

When Cayla told Rachel what was going on, she called Camco, moved her car and they both thought that would be the end of it.  But Cayla says Camco wouldn't let it go.

"Being told to show up for a violation that isn't yours is absurd.  It's not my car!"

So she e-mailed Contact 13. When we called Camco, they told us they take direction from the HOA board. So we went straight to the board president.

"I've left you a couple of messages and you haven't returned my calls," Darcy Spears called through the board president's front door.  "I'd really like to know why you guys are holding one homeowner responsible for another home-owner's violation."

The HOA president refused to open the door, but agreed to talk to us through her privacy screen.

"Who would be doing surveillance in this neighborhood?" Darcy Spears asked.
Board president: "We don't do surveillance.  The only people who do surveillance--well, I wouldn't call it surveillance--the only people that walk the property is the management company."

According to their website, Camco Nevada manages 188 homeowner associations, including Centennial Park, where Cayla and Rachel live in the northwest part of the valley.

The Centennial Park president says violations are only brought to the board's attention at meetings.

Board president: "And we haven't had a board meeting in two months, so..."
Darcy: "Well, perhaps this is an opportunity to talk with your management company and make sure they're running things the way you want them to be run."
Board president: "Absolutely."

She says the whole thing should have been a done deal after Rachel came forward.

"It definitely just seems like it got blown out of proportion," Rachel says.

Board president: "I would appreciate your allowing us to address it before we end up on the Hall of Shame, my God!  I've seen that."
Darcy: "You don't want to be on the HOA Hall of Shame?"
Board president: "Absolutely no!  Absolutely not. No.  No."
Darcy: "Well, you might have Camco to thank for that."

Cayla believes they all belong in the Hall of Shame.

"No one should make you feel violated in your own home," she says.

We're happy to report that after Contact 13 got involved, Camco put Cayla's violation on hold. 

They refused to go on camera, but Cayla tells me as of late Monday, they called her to apologize, told her she no longer had to attend a hearing, and dropped the violation. 

We rarely get through a week here at Action News without hearing from someone who's having a problem with their HOA.

As part of our commitment to make Las Vegas a better place to live, Contact 13 will continue to expand the HOA Hall of Shame.

So if you're in a situation you think is shameful, send Darcy an email to

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Darcy Spears is currently the Chief Investigative Reporter for Action News.