New 'Heart Attack Grill' features 8,000 calorie burger

New 'Heart Attack Grill' features 8,000 calorie burger

By Blake McCoy. CREATED Oct 10, 2011

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- As the 'Heart Attack Grill' prepares to open it's third nationwide location in Las Vegas, the owner promises to bring the sin of gluttony to Sin City.

"The calories you eat in Vegas, stay in Vegas," says owner Jon Basso.

Basso wears a doctors costume and his waitresses dress as nurses. Customers are even fitted with hospital gowns when they walk in.

"I help make sure that you get as many calories as you can into that body," says nurse Stephanie Williams.

The featured food item on the menu is the quadruple bypass burger. Eight thousand calories of beef, bacon and cheese.

Need something to wash it down? How about a butterfat milkshake.

"We garnish it with a tab of butter," says 'doctor' Basso. "I have never once claimed to be recognized by the American Medical Association. They refuse to recognize me."

He's heard all the criticism before but Basso believes his restaurant is at least honest with what they're serving up.

"We have big warning signs on our door that say caution, this establishment is bad for your health. I don't see any of the major of the major chain restaurants doing that," says Basso. "But I'm doing that."

During our interview, we noticed curious people peering into the restaurant, so we decided to take the quadruple bypass burger out to them.

"Would you eat this?" asks Action News Anchor Blake McCoy.

"No! It's horrible," says visitor Camilla Star.

"I'd share it with my whole family when the kids get here," says Ted Ptaszynski. His wife Donna was not as impressed. "I think I would pass out."

You'll have your chance soon. The Heart Attack Grill opens this Wednesday at the corner of Fremont Street and Las Vegas Boulevard in the Neonopolis shopping complex.