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Eyesore next door near Mountains Edge Pkwy. & Rainbow

Eyesore next door near Mountains Edge Pkwy. & Rainbow

By Loni Blandford. CREATED Oct 10, 2011

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - Our mission here at Action News is to help make Las Vegas a better place to live. We all take pride in where we live but one Valley man says right now he can't because of an eyesore he drives by every day.

This eyesore next door is near Mountains Edge Parkway and Rainbow.

"There's been kids going in and out of the house," said Tony Pappas, who emailed Action News.

Tony says that's been happening since the house caught fire in late June. He lives a few doors down and while he's thankful no one got hurt, he wonders why it's still in this condition.

"The biggest concern is that the people that are living here we have to look at this every day," said Tony.

Officials say the garage fire caused about $100,000 in damage. Tony says a few days after it happened he saw some people working on the house.

"There was some tape up there for a couple of days that's gone," said Tony.

But more than three months later, the dumpster full of what was inside the house still sits in the driveway. Anyone can walk right into the house and Tony thinks it's an open invitation for criminals.

"Once they get wind this is here they're going to start taking the copper,the pipes the electrical, whatever they can do, said Tony.

What Tony can't figure out is why the work stopped, so he emailed Action News. We couldn't reach the homeowner but did talk with the restoration company working on the house. Paul Davis Restoration and Remodeling of Southern Nevada says work stalled because they've been waiting for the county to approve the building plans.

"If you look at the roof up there as soon as some wind comes these tiles are going to fall down and it's going to hurt somebody," said Tony.

The company says they finally got approval September 27th so work should begin soon. That's welcome news to Tony.

The county says the plans were originally submitted at the end of August but some corrections. So that's why they weren't approved until the end of September. We're going to check back in with Tony and see how work on that property goes.

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