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Parents demand changes in the wake of Alyssa Otremba's murder

Parents demand changes in the wake of Alyssa Otremba's murder

By Rikki Cheese. CREATED Sep 8, 2011

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Residents in a Northwest Las Vegas neighborhood are demanding changes in the wake of Alyssa Otremba's murder.  They want a drainage tunnel students use as a shortcut to be closed off.

Novelta Morales told Action News, her sense of security is severely shaken.  She says, "I have a 13-year-old daughter myself, so it was emotional."

Grand Teton from Arbor View High School to US 95 is wide open. So is the lot on the other side of the highway where Otremba's body was found.

Otrembo texted her mom at 6:38 on Friday that she was on Grand Teton headed home.

Javier Rhigetti told police he followed her. Parents like Morales want to know, why didn't anyone see her being raped and stabbed? Where did her killer hide?

At 6:38 the sun was still above the mountains in the west. The only dark spots between lot where Otremba's body was found, and Grand Teton, which was also bathed in sunlight, are dark drainage tunnels.

Metro says Alyssa was not attacked inside one of the tunnels teens use as shortcuts to go under U.S. 95, but there is still a big safety concern for parents- because kids aren't the only ones using them. Another high school girl was attacked near one a few months ago. Her assailant hsan't been caught. 

Councilman Steve Ross represents Ward 6.  He plans to hold a meeting with Metro, NDOT and public works next Tuesday to address residents' safety concerns.

Rikki Cheese

Rikki Cheese

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Rikki Cheese is currently an anchor and reporter for Action News.