Rosie's Den is open for business following fire

Rosie's Den is open for business following fire

By Makayla Zurn. CREATED Aug 21, 2011

White Hills, AZ (KTNV) -- Rosie's Den is open for business, and just two days after a devastating fire ripped through the more than 70 year old building.

"I opened at six this morning and we've been selling tickets all morning," said Shelia Larsen, Rosie's daughter in law.

While the restaurant and bar has been reduced to rubble, the lottery is up and running.

Rosie says she won't let her customers down, and they're not letting her down either.

"It's almost like a piece of us is gone," said friend and builder Rick White. White is helping with the clean up and plans to rebuild the restaurant free of charge.

Neighbors, family and friends of Rosie's Den have been working day and night clearing and hauling away what's left.

"We've lost everything but we haven't lost the generosity, the hope, the charity and the faith, said Rosie's son Randy Larsen.

"We've lost our walls, but we're going to build new ones," he said.

Although Rosie's will rebuild, perhaps what's most upsetting is dealing with the stuff they can't bring back, antiques, an old piano and memorabilia from when it first opened.

The next step will be raising enough cash to get the restaurant and bar running again.

Already $1000 has been donated, but they'll need quite a bit more. The business wasn't equipped with fire insurance.

But with the amount of support pouring in, she won't be down for long.

"The love and support from everyone amazing, just amazing and you know what it really takes the sting off out of this, said Shelia.

For those that would like to make a donation an account is being set up at National Bank under the name Rosie's Den.

The gift shop will be running 7 days a week selling Powerball tickets from 6am to 9pm.