You Ask update: Lemonade stand now open despite concerns from the HOA

You Ask update: Lemonade stand now open despite concerns from the HOA

By Loni Blandford. CREATED Aug 4, 2011

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - An update on a Valley lemonade stand that was shut down. We heard from so many of our viewers after a homeowner's association put a stop to a seven year old's dream to raise money for the homeless. After our story aired, there was a change of heart.

It's not hard to tell that Megan Jensen's favorite color is pink. So naturally she planned to sell pink lemonade at her pink dreams stand in front of her house near Desert Inn and Town Center. She wanted to give some of her profits to a good cause

"10% percent of the money is going to go to our church for some homeless people that don't have any food can at least buy a little bit of food. But Megan's mom, Kathy, says their idea was short lived after they posted a flyer advertising their makeshift business in the community," said Megan.
"Right at grand opening time, the President of the HOA came over and said, you're not allowed to do this," said Kathy.

 While the main homeowner's association, Summerlin South, didn't mind Megan setting up shop, it was the president of the Jensen's sub association, Bella Veranda, who had a problem. Kathy says the president mentioned they needed a permit. But after our story aired Kathy says she got a call from Summerlin South who gave them the go ahead again. She then reached out to Bella Veranda, who finally gave their blessing.

"So thanks to Channel 13 for bringing it to light and we're able to open our lemonade stand again," said Kathy.

The dollar bills may be coming in, but this little entrepreneur already knows the rules she needs to follow.

"We have to do it just one day a week now," said Megan.

Nationwide officials are cracking down on this quick way for kids to make some cash. The main concerns being health and safety. But the Jensen's are glad their homeowner's association changed its mind.