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Salvation Army struggling for donations this summer

Salvation Army struggling for donations this summer

By Katie Crowther. CREATED Jul 31, 2011

The Salvation Army is struggling to make ends meet, at a time when its services are needed most.

A fundraiser Sunday aimed to raise some much-needed cash for the organization. Local entertainers organized the show and silent auction at the Clarion Hotel.

"We really rely on these grassroots efforts to raise money," says Major Robert Lloyd, with the Salvation Army.

Especially in the summer, when donations drop significantly.

"Everyday, I look at the reports of what we're trying to do in Clark County, and I feel a little sense of panic," he says.

Here in the valley, the organization provides about 1,800 meals per day. Not to mention clothing, shelter, and cooling stations for people with nowhere else to go in the summer heat.

"The economy's been devastating on a lot of folks," he says.

The problem is, many donors are also struggling financially. That hinders what they contribute.

Meanwhile, federal funding is also down. "The Salvation Army relies significantly on government grants that have pretty much dried up over the last few years," he says.

But there are people working diligently to make sure hard times don't get the better of the non-profit agency. Like Lenae Huff, who says the organization saved her life. She's a Hurricane Katrina survivor, now living in Las Vegas.

"I actually lived in a tent for quite some time, and the Salvation Army fed me three meals a day, everyday," she says.

She shows her support, because she remembers what it felt like to have nothing, after the hurricane hit. "It's very emotional to talk about. You think you're over it, but I depended on them to live, literally. You have no food, and it's like you can't wait for the Salvation Army trucks to come by."

It proves that for those who rely on the Salvation Army - in both disaster zones, and regular communities - the services it provides can be invaluable.