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Kevin Miranda sentenced for DUI that killed a young woman

Kevin Miranda sentenced for DUI that killed a young woman

By Jacquie Levy. CREATED Jul 28, 2011

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A young man is headed to prison for killing a UNLV student when he got into his truck and crashed into her more than a year and a half ago. The judge said he has never seen so many people come out to support the victim's family, snd he had his own harsh words for the man who plead guilty to the deathly DUI.

"We're a bit relieved it's over. Kevin Miranda is being put away. He's going away for quite a while," says Frank Peterson, Angela Peterson's dad.

The Petereson's saw that man get sentenced to 16 years in prison; 6 and a half with probation. This after starting his sentencing with an apology to friends and family of Angela.  

"I don't sense you're sorry because of the accident, I sense you're sorry you're going to prison," says District Judge Doug Smith.

He showed little sympathy, even after Miranda's attorney argued the young man had made the decision to forego a trial and plead guilty in order to save the family months of grief.

"That's the only honorable thing he has done," said Judge Smith.

A police investigation found then 18-year-old Miranda had taken at least "four shots of Jack Daniels" before getting in his truck with his girlfriend and driving away. Hoping Miranda would understand their pain, Angela's mother describes not being able to see their daughter's body right away.

"He says you can't because we have to reconstruct her face first. You can't see Angela until Friday," says Linda Peterson, Angela's mother.

And the future that no longer exists.

"So instead of a wedding dress, we got to pick out a coffin," she continues.

Miranda's attorney says his sentence was harsher than it needed to be, and although no tears were shed, the remorse was there.

"He's having depression right now. Throughout this whole ordeal, Kevin has been as remorseful as any client that I've ever had," says Dan Winder, Kevin Miranda's attorney.


We're told Kevin Miranda did not have a previous criminal record of any kind. He was a good kid who's life and others has been ruined because of one bad decision to drive while intoxicated.

In response to public allegations that there were possibly Clark County School District Police officers at the party Miranda attended, CCSD is asking Metro to revisit the facts. They also released this statement that reads:

The District and the community must have complete confidence in our school police. In all cases, but particularly in such a tragic incident as this, we must have no doubt that our officers conduct themselves in a manner consistent with their sworn oath.  As a result of the report, the superintendent has been in discussions with the sheriff and the District and Metro will revisit the facts of the case.  Once that review has been completed, the District will take any action that may be necessary, not only to ensure that the matter has been handled appropriately, but also to reassure the community that school police, in fact, have the best interests of our children and citizens in mind at all times.