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Police: 30 people involved in melee at Deja Vu topless party

Police: 30 people involved in melee at Deja Vu topless party

By Drew Karedes. CREATED Jul 25, 2011

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - Responding officers were greeted by a chaotic scene Monday morning at a Las Vegas gentlemen's club. Police say 30 people were involved in a heated melee that began inside the club and poured out into the parking lot.

The call came into police just before 5 a.m., as an "out of breath" caller reported the fight inside Deja Vu strip club.

According to police, calming the chaos at the Deja Vu Strip Hop Topless Party was not an easy task.

"It was an on-going event when officers arrived. The first arriving officer immediately called for assistance," explained Officer Bill Cassell with Las Vegas Metro Police.

At least eight units were dispatched to the scene.

Police say a woman was stomped on and a man was stabbed when the fight escalated.

While several more people required medical attention, police report that nobody initally wanted to press charges or snitch on who did what.

Five people were originally detained, but police say they were eventually released because no crime reports were filled out. One suspect was booked into jail on an outstanding warrant.

Investigators are still trying to get to the bottom of what started the emotionally charged brawl.

"Anytime you have that many people involved, it's an unusual event. You've got to remember, a fight with 30 individuals or 300 individuals usually starts with two individuals," said Officer Bill Cassell.

Officer Cassell says things got out of control a short time after an on-stage performance by hip hop artist Nipsy Hussle. The singer is not being called a suspect or instigator in the fight.

A source tells Action News that the woman who got trampled during the fight was dancing at the club. She was transported to Spring Valley Hospital after reportedly "losing feeling in her legs".

A man was also transported to UMC, six hours after the brawl, with a minor stab wound. His mother was the one who called police and reported his injury.

Police believe the 23-year-old victim was attacked on Deja Vu property but was initially too frightened to speak up. He was the first person to fill out a crime report in connection with Monday morning's fight.

"When we have individuals that are reluctant to talk to us, for whatever reason, it makes it more difficult for us to solve the crime. However, as our track record shows us in the past, we have been very successful in solving crimes where nobody wanted to talk," added Officer Bill Cassell.

A source tells Action News that two high profile celebrities were in attendance at the Deja Vu Strip Hop Topless Party.  Las Vegas Metro Police have not confirmed that information.

Action News gave Deja Vu the opportunity to comment on Monday afternoon, but the nightclub is yet to issue a formal statement.