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Mother, 4 - year - old kidnapped from North Las Vegas Walmart

Mother, 4 - year - old kidnapped from North Las Vegas Walmart

CREATED Jun 17, 2011

North Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - A morning shopping trip turned into a terrifying experience for a North Las Vegas mother and her little girl. Two men followed them out of a Walmart and kidnapped them right in the parking lot. It happened outside the Walmart near Lake Mead and Rancho.

If the 30 - year - old mom did not cooperate with the demands made by the two men, police aren't sure if there would be a happy ending. Police say the mom and her daughter were being stalked by the two suspects as vulnerable targets.

"Sick, absolutely sick individuals, sick mentally, physically, emotionally sick," described Linda, a Walmart shopper.

Walmart regulars were rattled by the mere mention of the kidnappings. Police say the criminals spoke in Spanish to threaten the Hispanic mother and her 4 - year - old. Scared for her life, the mother followed orders to drive the suspects to a Wells Fargo branch a couple of miles away.

"Really scary, scary that you come out without being afraid to walk out the store and somebody's going to grab you. That's just scary," said Loesther Jones, a Walmart shopper.

Once the car pulled through a drive thru ATM, it became clear what these two kidnappers had their minds set on, cold hard cash. The mother dispensing all the ATM would allow.

"But police say these men wanted even more money one of the suspects caught on camera as he escorted the mother inside the bank to see a teller. All while the second suspect held the little girl hostage inside the car.

"She was faced with a situation where these two people, people who could easily overpower her, made threats to her young child. She had really no choice but to obey what they told her to do," said Sergeant Tim Bedwell from North Las Vegas Police.

Sergeant Bedwell says despite this mother being terrorized from the Walmart through the time at the bank, she kept her cool and complied.

The mother and daughter were released a short time after the suspects got their money. It is unclear how the criminals escaped and police are not disclosing how much cash they got away with. Police are hoping surveillance pictures will help catch the criminals.