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Job hungry head to McDonald's for chance at employment

Job hungry head to McDonald's for chance at employment

CREATED Apr 19, 2011

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) – Las Vegas added more than 10,000 jobs last month, and the trend isn't stopping there. Nevada's jobless rate fell to 13.2 percent for the month of March and now, businesses across the valley are looking to hire more people.

It was a job seeker's dream across the valley Tuesday, as 800 jobs were up for grabs.

"I thought it was going to be quiet. Not quiet, but smaller than this," says Andrew Green, who was applying for a job. "I didn't think there would be this many people here."

McDonald's, hosting its National Hiring Day, plans to put 500 Southern Nevadans to work.

There are nearly 100 of the chain's fast food restaurants in Las Vegas alone, and almost 100 people stopped by the Rancho and Cheyenne location to pick up an application.

Lakeia White hopes she impressed the brass with her personality. But she says, no matter who you are, finding a job is tough.

Reporter: What's it like out there trying to find a job?

"Well, right now it's hard. It's really tight with the recession going on. There are a lot of people applying and the competition is just really tight."

A few blocks away, a solar manufacturing company was also running a hiring blitz, offering 300 jobs to hundreds of people.

"I've been out of work doing care giving for three years now," says applicant Phillip Scritchfield.  "It's hard to find a good job. I think solar energy is the best way to go."

And although not everyone will hear "you're hired," the new positions are definitely a start in the right direction.  

McDonald's hopes to hire 50,000 new employees across the nation. Click here for more information on career opportunities.