1,100 Nellis AFB employees furloughed after shutdown


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1,100 Nellis AFB employees furloughed after shutdown

By Jennifer Kastner. CREATED Oct 1, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Action News has learned that 1,100 civilian employees at Nellis Air Force Base have been furloughed, secondary to the government shutdown. 

Part of a statement from the base reads, "Functions essential to national security and public safety will continue. The air force is attempting to minimize negative impact and is working with the Department of Defense to address the issue."
Margaret Owen woke up to the news on Tuesday that she's to stay home from her job at the commissary, until further notice. With major family responsibilities and a hearing impairment, she's panicking over the fear that finding new work will be challenging. "I was shocked because [the base has] tried everything to make sure we'd have a job to come to the next day."
According to Nellis Air Force Base, many civilian employees have already faced a 25-percent salary cut for the six weeks leading up to the end of the fiscal year.
Nellis Air Force Base wife Johnette Roberson's husband is on active duty, "Right now he's stationed in Korea."
He's not facing furloughs, but her father is. Roberson said he's a civilian employee at another base, "If I could help, I would, [but we] only make so much [money]."
"It's upsetting to see that it has come to this," said Creech Air Force Base policeman Ethan Eddy. His job's not in current jeopardy, but he's hanging onto every penny of his next paycheck, just in case.
"It's a little unnerving thinking that [people with] tighter budgets [might] not be able to make ends meet right now," he tells Action News.