Willie Nelson bus crash injures three

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Willie Nelson bus crash injures three

By Chase Snider. CREATED Nov 23, 2013

Three members of Willie Nelson's band were injured early Saturday morning according to the singer's website. The site reports that there was an injured ankle, a bruised hip, and a broken rib. The singer was reportedly on his own bus at the time of the crash.  Troopers report the bus driver was battling high winds and rain when the crashed happened on I-30, about 80 miles west of Dallas. 

Due to the accident, the next four tour stops have been postponed. The entertainer was scheduled to stop in Robinsonville and Jackson, Miss.; Fayetteville, Ark.; and Lafayette, La. 

 "The band’s bus (Willie was in his own bus) crashed along I-30 around 3:30 AM when it hit a bridge pillar — about 80 miles east of Dallas. We believe it is due to icy conditions on the road. No one suffered serious injuries.

Paul English injured his ankle, Billy English suffered a bruised hip and crew member Tom Hawkins has a cracked rib. The other family members on the bus are sore but everyone is expected to recover fully. The last four dates in November have been postponed and the tour resumes as scheduled in December."