Sara Evans 'Slow Me Down' video takes NASCAR star off track


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Sara Evans 'Slow Me Down' video takes NASCAR star off track

By Stephen L. Betts. CREATED Oct 25, 2013

NASCAR fans may recognize the guy in Sara Evans' new video, "Slow Me Down," but he's not behind the wheel. The driver of the No. 99 car has a major role in the new clip, playing the singer's soon-to-be ex.

"The basic idea was that we were supposed to be arguing the entire time," Edwards tells CMT. "The director would say, 'We're rolling, so you guys just start arguing and be angry with each other.' And so it was like two minutes of me trying to look like a jerk and then the next five minutes of me apologizing. It made for a pretty funny cycle of filming."

Edwards is connected to Sara by way of her music -- he's a longtime fan -- but he's also tied to her in another way.

"We have that connection because we're both from central Missouri," he says. "I was not a country music fan growing up, but I guess as I've grown up, my tastes have changed. Now I like music where a) I can tell someone's having a lot of fun, or b) I can tell that it really means a lot to them and they're putting a lot of their heart into it. And that was one of the greatest things about 'Slow Me Down.' To see Sara perform that song and see how much she cared about it artistically, that makes a song."

This isn't the first time Edwards has appeared in a country music video. In 2011, he was featured in Justin Moore's "Bait a Hook." He wasn't playing a jerk, however -- he appeared as himself.

"Slow Me Down" is the first single from Sara's upcoming album.

Stephen L. Betts

Stephen L. Betts

Stephen L. Betts ("Steve") is a Nashville-based journalist who started his career as a tour guide, karaoke operator and library assistant at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.