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  • I sent a video from my photo too. You are welcome to use either. Credit to Rick Beach-Las Vegas Rick Beach Rick

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    You are welcome to use this video Rick Beach

  • @KTNV came home these guys blocking me from my driveway. Three suspects in cuffs. A total of 14 cop cars. http://t.co/glohK1PGWy

  • @KTNV not a good way to come home, and see this on your front porch. http://t.co/oKTIn8lVfR

  • Better view of other home involved. @KTNV @LasVegasFD still working. http://t.co/jlLvRmTpw2

  • Looks like Michael Way fire may have sparked another fire. Waiting for info from @LasVegasFD @KTNV http://t.co/ZatHK2kdVP

  • Another pic of Michael Way fire. @LasVegasFD @KTNV http://t.co/4CiAWMbW82

  • North Las Vegas fire #iC13

  • Recycling plant fire in north las vegas robert

  • Praying for safety for all…@KTNV http://t.co/ieayprvcL0

  • @8NewsNow @KTNV waste management recycling on fire NLV @News3LV http://t.co/YwiCLo1TOd

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  • Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device otrebor8829

  • North Las Vegas fire folks say this could burn for some time-- tightly woven bales are burning. @KTNV http://t.co/9k7nCvy5YM

  • @8NewsNow @KTNV http://t.co/7V0scpvctX

  • There's huge smoke coming from I-15 and this picture is taken from rainbow and 95. Any news on it??

  • More crews heading in to put out recycling plant fire @KTNV http://t.co/aguRFiCmgC

  • #BREAKING Fire reported on Commerce Street. Send photos to icontribute@ktnv.com or use #iC13. (Photo: Amber Rainey) http://t.co/if8su8pAEn

  • Anyone know what's on fire?

  • Fire by mount Charleston notice it when I was waiting for the bus Ethan Falk Falk

  • Explosions outside metro headquarters during press conference. Believed to be fire truck. Still on fire. @KTNV http://t.co/9QVPoxecer

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    Here is the security camera video of the crash a few hours ago of the powered para-glider. The operator seemed to get more aggressive with altitude changes and turns as the flight progressed. EMS and Fire responded and the person was airlifted to hospital. The crash was quite loud in my backyard (about 1/2 mile away). Barry Miskie

  • Rainbow Vista Trail. 4/20/15. panamapatti@cox.net

  • 6-year- old Alyssa Aisa and her grandma Maria Garcia hit and killed at valley bus stop. @KTNV http://t.co/DBodnNzfpa

  • This is a watercolor tattoo done by Jessy Macdonald at American nightmare tattoo here in Las Vegas Donna Coulter

  • We are now underway on #AB408 hearing. @KTNV http://t.co/4HBolPysqW

  • Committee members still making their way in for #AB408 hearing. Overflowing room. @KTNV http://t.co/CNXgtIF0Bn

  • Opponents of #AB408 preparing for their rally @NVLeg @KTNV http://t.co/R9IkAmAimo

  • After a brief move in front if podium, opponent asked to move away. He has now moved to side. @KTNV http://t.co/VdLSenSCxS

  • An AB 408 opponent slipped in background of @BundyRanch rally in support of proposed bill. Notice red sign. @KTNV http://t.co/fY5nJVEwGY