Weekend headline roundup (July 25-27)

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  • A little girl was denied medical care while she was suffering from a scorpion sting. READ MORE

  • Contact 13 investigated allegations against Sagebrush Ranch in Clark County. READ MORE

  • More than 100 cats were seized from a North Las Vegas home. READ MORE

  • The mystery of who had been leaving porcelain dolls on doorsteps was solved. READ MORE

  • Omar Lamar Brisbane has been charged with attacking a police officer and another man. READ MORE

  • Video of an excited dog passing out after being reunited with a family member went viral. READ MORE

  • A Texas girl's cellphone caught fire while it was under her pillow. READ MORE

  • Jesse Jones was named a person of interest in a Bellagio robbery, but was later cleared. READ MORE

  • The Las Vegas Monorail celebrated its 10th anniversary. READ MORE Las Vegas News Bureau, Glenn Pinkerton

  • Two people on a motorcycle were badly injured in a crash near Polaris Avenue and West Hacienda Avenue. READ MORE

  • Timothy Stall was arrested for the murder of his roommate at the Alpine Motel. READ MORE

  • Locals gathered for another rally against the killings in Gaza. READ MORE

  • A dad's invention for filling water balloons caught the attention parents around the country. READ MORE

  • Rain and winds swept across portions of Southern Nevada. FORECAST

  • A woman was killed in a crash near St. Rose Parkway and Seven Hills Drive in Henderson. READ MORE

  • A Lithuania bartender set a patron's face on fire while preparing his drink. READ MORE