Weekend headline roundup (Sept. 20-22)

If you missed any of the weekend's top headlines, check out our list of roundups.

  • The iHeartRadio Festival was held this weekend at the MGM Grand. PHOTOS © Erik Kabik/ RETNA/ erikkabik.com

  • A woman and her young son were found dead in their Henderson Apartment. Her other son pictured here, is still missing. READ MORE

  • A DUI crash sends 3 to the hospital and one person to jail. READ MORE

  • A road rage incident led to a fatal shooting. READ MORE

  • An elderly woman was hit by a vehicle while in her wheelchair. Her friend spoke out to Action News. READ MORE

  • A vigil was held for a former police Explorer who died in a motorcycle crash. READ MORE

  • Action News was a sponsor for this weekend's Nevada Wild Fest. READ MORE