PHOTOS: National Honesty Index results

This past summer, Honest Tea set out to see how honest people were when no one appeared to be looking. Their National Honesty Index ranked Nevada number 5 on the list. Click through the slideshow for more interesting results. MORE:

  • Washington, D.C., was the least honest location in the experiment with 80 percent of participants paying for their beverage. FILE IMAGE

  • Overall, women are more honest than men (95% vs. 91%)—the same percentages in both our 2012 and 2013 tests. FILE IMAGE

  • Unlike last year where redheads were most honest, in 2013 blonds were the most honest (95%), followed by brunettes (93%) and then redheads (92%). COLOUR AUTHORITY/FLICKR

  • The longer your hair, the more honest you are. People with short hair were 91% honest, vs. people with medium and long hair (93% and 94% honest, respectively). DANIEL OINES/FLICKR

  • People in groups (96% honest) tend to be more honest than people on their own (91% honest). JONIS LOUWES/FLICKR

  • 100% of the people in Alabama were honest during the experiment. WOODY/FLICKR

  • Hawaii tied with Alabama for most honest. JASON MEREDITH/FLICKR

  • Indiana was the second most honest state on the list. BNPOSITIVE/FLICKR

  • The people in Maine are the third most honest of the states. KAT/FLICKR

  • Iowa came in at number 4. CARL WYCOFF/FLICKR

  • Nevada ranks number 5 on the honest list. MOYAN BRENN/FLICKR