PHOTOS: Las Vegas performer inspired Halloween costumes

Caesars Entertainment provides tips on Vegas-inspired Halloween costumes. For more information about their shows, click here.

  • Million Dollar Quartet
    If you like the classic 1950s look, just take a peek at the boys in Harrah's Las Vegas "Million Dollar Quartet." The look usually consists of suits with broad shoulders, wide trouser legs with the cuffs turned up and shirts with plaid or checkered print. Men also grew out their hair and used pomade to coif their hair into the popular "pompadour" style. Erik Kabik/

  • Frank Marino's Divas Las Vegas
    Whether you are dressing up in drag or going as your favorite female artist, Frank Marino and the cast of Divas Las Vegas at The Quad Resort & Casino know exactly what it takes to look fabulous and glamorous. When applying makeup, you should always remember that “too much is just enough.” To be a successful drag queen or diva impersonator, you must pick the perfect outfit and accessories. Wigs are essential to completing the look and you should always make the hair as big as you can. CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT

  • Dancing Queen
    Do you have that Saturday night fever? Want to make sure you look groovy in your Halloween costume? “Dancing Queen,” the ABBA tribute and disco era-themed show inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino is just the perfect inspiration you need. The most important thing for the ladies to remember is sequins, sequins, sequins! For the guys, disco suits with a jacket and vest are a must, accompanied by a slim fitted shirt with wide collars and a wide kipper tie. CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT

  • Jersey Boys
    Want to make sure that people “Can’t Take Their Eyes Off of You,” this Halloween? Then dress up like one of the dashing members of the Jersey Boys from Paris Las Vegas. Tough guys from New Jersey with smooth voices, the Jersey Boys know how to make sure they look as good as they sing with perfectly tailored suits, shoes that always match their belt and incrusted jacket lapels. CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT

  • Jubilee! showgirls
    To achieve the ultimate Las Vegas showgirl image, look to the chic ladies of "Jubilee!" at Bally's Las Vegas. In addition to the elaborate showgirl costumes, every showgirl needs four essential items to complete their appearance: lush false eyelashes, bright red lipstick, black eyeliner and a lot of confidence! To come across as a true Vegas showgirl, posture and grace are also a must. Remember to always stand tall with your core tucked in, shoulders back, chin up and - most importantly - don’t forget to smile! CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT

  • Donny & Marie
    Need a fun costume idea for you and your sibling? Dress up as Flamingo Las Vegas headliners and America’s favorite siblings, Donny & Marie. Costumes can be simple and fairly inexpensive. Applying rhinestones to dresses, jackets and shoes can make any regular outfit look like it belongs in a Vegas show. Getty Images

  • Legends In Concert
    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and the guys and gals in "Legends In Concert" have it down. Show your adoration for your favorite artist by impersonating them on Halloween. Determine what the artist's signature look is and find an outfit that will recreate that look. Add an excellent wig, hat, sunglasses or jewelry to complete the look. CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT