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Vultures, rats and roaches featured on anti-HOA billboard

If you're driving around town, you may have seen it. A billboard denouncing homeowners associations and the people who run them.

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Woman suing former Metro officer, department for alleged sex crimes

A woman is suing the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and a former officer for allegedly taking sexually explicit photos of her during a police call two years ago. The police investigation concluded this wasn't the first time Officer Solomon Coleman had acted inappropriately on the job.

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Las Vegas Strip taxis to stay parked to protest Uber

Taxi drivers employed by Yellow Checker Star (YCS) in Las Vegas, Nevada, will conduct a work stoppage on Friday, May 29, from 2-5 p.m. in protest of Uber’s unsafe driver standards and the company’s “surge pricing” policy.

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Explosion near police headquarters on Martin Luther King Boulevard

There has been some sort of explosion near the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on Martin Luther King Boulevard.

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Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht sentenced to life in prison

Ulbricht's harsh sentence came after he made an emotional plea for leniency.

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