Watch: Boston transit officer pulls subway jumper to safety


Watch: Boston transit officer pulls subway jumper to safety

By Phyllis Stark. CREATED May 9, 2014

A Boston Transit Police officer with quick reflexes is credited with saving a man’s life on Wednesday afternoon after he grabbed the man and pulled him to safely just as the man was attempting to jump onto the train tracks below.

The incident happened at the Red Line's MBTA Park Street station. Detective Sean Conway tells the Boston Globe he was in the station searching for a suspect when he spotted “a man [who] was perched on the edge of the passenger platform taking sips from a bottle of alcohol and screaming incoherently.”
According the the Globe, “The detective sprang into action. He ran from his spot on the Red Line’s center platform up the stairs and then down another set leading to the southbound Ashmont/Braintree platform across the way. He showed the man his badge and tried to talk to him.” Conway remembers telling the man, “Step back, you’re going to get hurt.”
That’s when the man, who was in his 40s, “took another swig from the bottle and attempted to jump into the pit,” the Globe reports. “Conway grabbed the man’s wrist, and swung him to the ground, holding him there so he couldn’t run back toward the tracks. It was move that likely saved the man’s life, Transit Police said.”
The next train had been due to arrive at the station four minutes later. Had he made it onto the tracks, the man was also in danger from the electrified third rail, located just beneath the platform, which might have electrocuted him.
Conway told the Globe he wasn’t a hero, but was happy he had the chance to intervene.
The would-be jumper was taken to a hospital, where he thanked Conway for his efforts.
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