Happy 20th anniversary, 'Forrest Gump!'

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Happy 20th anniversary, 'Forrest Gump!'

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Jul 6, 2014

On July 6, 1994, "Forrest Gump" debuted in theaters. Sunday marks the film's 20th anniversary.

Besides Golden Globe Awards and People's Choice Awards, "Forrest Gump" took home Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Visual Effects and Best Film Editing. It also won a Best Actor Oscar for star Tom Hanks (as Forrest Gump) and a Best Director trophy for Robert Zemeckis.

"Forrest Gump" grossed more than $677 million worldwide during its theatrical run.

The Library of Congress even inducted the memorable film into the United States National Film Registry for preservation in 2011.

It was based on a novel written by Winston Groom of Mobile, Ala., and Groom tells AL.com, "It's a story that somehow hung in there."

"Groom said there are plans to celebrate the film's 20 years with a re-release of his book along with a re-release of the movie," reports AL.com. "He said the book's re-release will include a special edition cover." The movie re-release is rumored to be an IMAX edition.

AL.com further details 20 fun facts that even the biggest Gump fans may not know about their beloved movie, and some of the tidbits may even may surprise you. Read below for AL.com's exclusive "Forrest Gump" fact-sheet.

1. Groom said Warner Brothers bought the rights to make the movie "Forrest Gump" while the book was still a manuscript.

2. Groom was tapped to write the screenplay, but his versions were scrapped and other writers called in. Eric Roth wrote the final script.

3. Groom said a Daily News reporter broke the news to him that Paramount bought the movie rights from Warner Brothers while he sat in a New York restaurant.

4. Groom said location scouts did make a trip to coastal Alabama. Groom offered his ideas, including where Forrest's home should be. However, Mobile's inclement weather kept the movie makers from setting up shop.

5. Greenbow, Alabama, doesn't exist, but Bayou la Batre is real and strong in shrimping history.

6. Tom Hanks' daughter, Emily, and director Robert Zemeckis' son, Alexander, both deny young Forrest Gump a seat on the school bus. Emily is the red-haired girl, and Alexander is the first boy that won't let Forrest sit down.

7. Tom Hanks' brother also played a part in filming. Jim Hanks doubled for him in many of Forrest Gump's running sequences.

8. And about that run: One of Forrest's famous quotes was inspired by 16-year-old Louis Michael Figueroa. Figueroa ran from New Jersey to San Francisco in 1982 to raise awareness about cancer. In an interview about his run, Figueroa said, "when I got tired, I slept. When I got hungry, I ate. When I have to go to the bathroom, I go."

9. The necklace Lt. Dan wears isn't just something from the prop closet. The rosary with a Saint Christopher medal inscribed "Protect Us In Combat" was worn in Vietnam by Gary Sinise's brother-in-law, Jack Treese, in 1967-68.

10. The Vietnam scenes in the film were shot on what is now the Ocean Creek Golf Course on Fripp Island, S.C.

11. If you go in search of Forrest Gump's home, you won't find it. The home was built for the movie on private property in Colleton County, S.C., but the home wasn't built to code and it had to be torn down after the filming.

12. The shrimp boat hurricane scene was shot at the Port Royal S.C., Ports Authority Terminal and used a jet engine to simulate the wind.

13. Forrest's shrimp boat once belonged to Beaufort, S.C., shrimper Jimmy Stanley. The boat is on display at Planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney in Orlando, Fla.

14. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant & Market did not exist before "Forrest Gump" showed on the big screen. The first one opened in 1996 on Cannery Row in Monterey, Calif. Now, there are at least 39 locations worldwide. The closest to Mobile is in Biloxi, Miss.

15. Forrest Gump's awards and decorations, as worn on his Class A uniform, are: the Medal of Honor, Purple Heart, Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, Infantry Shoulder Cord, Combat Infantryman Badge, Expert Badge (probably for rifle), and Meritorious Unit Commendation.

16. Jenny's last name is Curran, but you have to pay attention to catch it. The name is never mentioned in the movie. It's only seen on the back of an envelope Forrest mailed to Jenny while he was in Vietnam, on her mailbox when she is a child, and on the letters that are returned to him in the hospital.

17. The line, "My name is Forrest Gump. People call me Forrest Gump," was not written in the script. Tom Hanks ad libbed it while filming and director Zemeckis liked it and decided to leave it.

18.The bus stop scene was filmed in Chippewa Square in Savannah, Ga. However, the famous park bench never existed. It was a prop built for the movie. The prop bench now sits in a Savannah museum.

19. The traffic flow around the square was reversed for the movie in order to have the bus doors open into the square.

20. Groom has autographed a number of replica benches, including one that sits in the AL.com/Press Register office.

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