Comparing Nebraska To The Elite


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Comparing Nebraska To The Elite

By Garrett Gordon. CREATED Dec 3, 2013

Lincoln, NE - Husker fans would love for their team to get back on the national stage they had secured for more than three decades.  They want titles and banners and trophies.  But if you compare their numbers with the four most legitimate title contenders this season (Florida State, Ohio State, Auburn, and Missouri) you can tell they still have plenty of ground to make up.

All four teams rank in in the top 20 in total offense.  Nebraska ranks 60th.  Three of the top four teams allow twenty points or less per game.  The Huskers allow 25.3 points per game.  All four contenders have positive turnover ratios while the Huskers are minus twelve.  Finally, all four contenders converted at least 45% of their third down attempts.  The Huskers are just a hair under 40%.

-Garrett Gordon