Another Bubba Starling?


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Another Bubba Starling?

By Garrett Gordon. CREATED Feb 6, 2014

 Lincoln, NE - A couple signing days ago the Huskers landed a big-time recruit out of the Kansas City area named Bubba Starling.  He was a high school quarterback with the size and athletecism to play several different positions at a high level.  Starling also happened to be a highly-touted baseball prospect.  He was drafted in the first round by the Kansas City Royals and so began the Starling Saga.

Starling worked out with the Huskers over the summer.  He showed up at fan day in August to sign autographs, but in the end he chose to pursue major league baseball.  This year, history might be repeating itself with Monte Harrison.

The 6-2, 205-pound wide receiver is an amazing athlete capable of playing any skill position on the field.  He's from Lee's Summit, Missouri which just happens to be a suburb of Kansas City.  And like Starling before him Harrison is a big-time baseball prospect slated to play both football and baseball at Nebraska.  He will likely be taken early in this year's MLB draft.

However, here's where the two paths diverge.  Starling was taken near the top of the first round.  As of right now most scouting sites have Harrison slated in the second-fourth rounds.  Obviously, a lot can change over the next few months.  He hasn't even started his senior season of high school baseball.  With his athletic gifts his stock could soar and maybe he does wind up in the first round.  That would leave Harrison with the extremely tough decision of taking the pro money and embarking on the path as a professional baseball player or heading to a high-level division one university and taking a few more years to decide between football and baseball.

Nebraska Head Coach, Bo Pelini, doesn't seem too worried about Harrison not coming.  During his signing day press conference he was asked about Harrison and said, "I think he has every intention of coming here to play football and also play baseball and if that changes who knows.  I know one thing.  It would have to be something pretty significant to keep him from doing it.  Because, I know in his mind he sees himself as a football player."

The first day of the MLB draft is slated for June 5th.

-Garrett Gordon