Winning Powerball Ticket Worth $122 Million Sold In Gretna

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Winning Powerball Ticket Worth $122 Million Sold In Gretna

By Josh Egbert. CREATED Dec 12, 2013

Gretna, NE- Someone in the Metro could be holding the tickets to the merriest Christmas ever. A winning Powerball ticket was sold Wednesday in Gretna and the winner hit it big time.

The winner will split more than $100 million with another player from Massachusetts. It's the first time the owners of the Speedee Mart have sold such a ticket. They were also excited to learn they've won a little cash themselves.

It was the told of Gretna Thursday morning.

"Hopefully it goes to someone that needs it." says Shawn Maruqardt.

"I got the phone call at 6:45 from my husband and he said hey, it's a great day someone won the Powerball, and I said basically what's new, and he said, hey it came from our store, and I'm like you're kidding me, this is awesome." said store owner Theresa Gulizia.

The winning tickets was sold at 1:24 Wednesday afternoon at the Speedee Mart on Highway 6. Wendy Toogood was the lucky cashier who sold that winning ticket.

"Who do you think won it? Is it someone I know? I don't know, we don't know yet. I hope it was the guy who said he was going to buy me a new car, because I really need one." said Toogood.

The winner, who will split $122 million with another winner in Sterling, MA., has yet to come forward.

"First thing through my mind was, it's Christmas what a great gift for someone to win the Powerball." said Gulizia.

For most of Speedee Mart's regulars, they'll still be heading to work Friday morning, but are glad someone from their community will claim the prize.

"Pretty excited about it, it's a great thing for our community and for Dave and Theresa here." said Marquardt.

"Actually I was here about the same time someone bought that ticket and I bought the Mega Millions ticket instead." said Brian Fichter.

The winner will take home around $34 million after taxes. As for Speedee Mart, they'll be presented a check Friday for $50,000 for selling the top prize.