Wig Exchange Free for Any Patient Suffering Hair Loss

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Wig Exchange Free for Any Patient Suffering Hair Loss

By Lindsey Theis. CREATED Aug 11, 2014

 Omaha, Neb. (KMTV)- These days, it's unfortunate that a lot of us know or have personally been touched by cancer. Many times, this can cause hair loss, which can be devastating. For the past weeks now patients have been able to go somewhere for free help. Nebraska Medical Center Village Pointe Cancer Center has started a wig exchange for anyone who has suffered hair loss from a medical condition. Cancer, alopecia, and burn patients are just among some who are welcome.

It's meant the world for patient Angela Turner. She just went into remission after treatment for a Hodgkin's lymphoma diagnosis this January.

"I started getting a dry cough and I had, night sweat, a low grade temp. I went to the doctor, I had a chest X-ray and found that the lymphoma did come back," she said.

As part of treatment, Angela lost her hair.

"You know I don't like a lot of sympathy. And you know when people here the word 'cancer'. They think it's the worst thing in the world. But everybody I think is struggling with something in their life. Whether emotional or physical," she said.

"Insurance companies will pay for prostheses and things like that, but they don't always pay for hair pieces," said Dr. Elizabeth Reed, NMC Oncologist and Hematologist.

Hair pieces can cost in the thousands of dollars when made from human hair, Reed said. Most of the hundreds at the wig exchange are a combination of human and synthetic hair. Patients can make an appointment or walk in for fittings. There is no set length for appointment times, so patients don't feel rushed.

"It's so quick and easy. You just put your make up on, put your hair on. And you look great," Angela said.