UPDATE: Family of Ten Receives Overwhelming Amount of Support


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UPDATE: Family of Ten Receives Overwhelming Amount of Support

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Dec 10, 2013

Omaha, NE - All day long Mohamed Hassan's cell phone has been ringing off the hook.

"I was very surprised about, when I see calls. People keep calling, every second, every second, every second hey I have this thing, I have this thing to donate."

He's trying to help the Mafiga family piece their lives back together.

"They keep saying we are proud we came to this country because this country is a lot of people, a lot of opportunity, a lot of people trying to help people to recover whatever they have lost."
The family of ten lost everything when their home at 33rd and Manderson caught fire Friday and we up in flames. Omar Mafiga, his wife and eight children ages 2 to 15 escaped with the just clothes on their backs.
"They don't speak the language, they're frustrated, and they have kids. That's part of it, the kids they are very young they don't know what's going on."
So the Mafiga's asked for help and the Omaha community has answered. Clothes, blankets, boots, hats and gloves all donated by complete strangers.
"The family now, I see they are very, very, happy happy. They're getting happier, and the kids are recovering back whatever they have lost."
Someone even paid to put the family in a hotel for a few weeks. An incredible act of kindness the Mafiga's are grateful for this Christmas.
"A lot of change, the family has expected hope and expectation from the community of Omaha and great expectation of people calling us and saying we are going to donate something for them."
If you'd like to help you can donate to the Mafiga family fund at American National Bank. If you would like to donate clothing or items, you can drop them off at 3306 Manderson Street or call Mohamed Hassan at 415-565-9934.
Children are ages 2-15:
15 year old girl
14 year old girl
11 year old boy
6 year old boy
5 year old girl
4 year old girl
3 year old girl
2 year old girl