"Thug Cycle" Toddler, Relatives to Stay in Protective Custody

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"Thug Cycle" Toddler, Relatives to Stay in Protective Custody

By Jake Wasikowski. CREATED Jan 13, 2014

Omaha, NE -- A Douglas County Juvenile Judge ordered four children to stay in protective custody, Monday.  It’s a decision made with a number of factors that culminated with a controversial video.  The YouTube video shows adults egging on a toddler in a diaper to swear and use vulgarity.

The Douglas County Attorney investigated the case but determined the adults didn't break any laws.  Child protective services removed the boy and three other children from the home due to safety concerns related to other issues.

Judge Christopher Kelly ordered the four children to stay in protective custody, and undergo family therapy, and other guidelines.

The video in question has been seen and shared around the country and the world.  The Omaha Police Officers Association labeled it "The Thug Cycle".  Child services ordered the kids into foster care because of not only the video, but that gang members were around the kids, and the young boy was actually shot at their home in October.

The grandmother, Kimberly Devers, had spent some time in jail on gun charges so the kids weren't properly supervised.  Douglas Co. Attorney Don Kleine says the family will undergo family therapy, other services, supervised visitations, and they can't be around gang members.  He says the kid's safety and reunification are the top priorities.

"Help them be better parents, to ensure that they're better parents, but if they're not certainly there's many cases that we've had to resolve by terminating parental rights," Kleine explained.

Robert Wagner and fix the police were at the courthouse to support Devers and her family saying the OPOA is dividing the community by dividing this family.  They hope the family can be reunited sooner than later.

"It was just poor judgment to label a 2 year old African American a thug and you're a police officer that wears a badge that says serve and protect, that's very unprofessional if not racism," Wagner described.

“If there was a situation that was child endangerment, why wasn't the child removed after being a shooting victim?  They had to wait until they publicly shamed this family and had enough pressure to go in and take them without any legal reason to,” said D’Shawn Cunningham with Fix the Police.

The family will have supervised visitations.  Devers bonded out of jail over the weekend.  The father of 3 of the children is incarcerated at the Nebraska State Penitentiary.