Three Charged in Weapons, Drug Bust

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Three Charged in Weapons, Drug Bust

By Jake Wasikowski. CREATED Oct 18, 2013

Omaha, NE -- Illegal drugs and stolen guns found at a home in North Omaha.  Police arrest three men on multiple charges after an ongoing investigation.  Authorities had been watching the home for a while, and now the men are at the Douglas County Jail.

During the narcotics investigation, OPD and SWAT served a search warrant at a home near 24th & Ida St. Thursday afternoon.  They seized methamphetamine, and 4 stolen weapons.  The 2 assault rifles and 2 handguns were stolen from a Plattsmouth home.

31-year-old Daniel Corliss and 26-year-old Brandon White have been charged on weapons, and drug violations.  Prosecutors say Corliss stole the guns from the Plattsmouth home while White served as a lookout.

23-year-old William Stanfill was arrested on a felony warrant.  He's charged in a shooting that happened at the same home on September 22nd.

Authorities say it shows that people in surrounding areas of Omaha are being targeted by criminals too.

"Guns and drugs usually run together but in this case it was a little more than anticipated,” said OPD Officer James Shade. "We don't just ask that community members of Omaha be vigilant about their surroundings, but the surrounding areas of Omaha and rural areas too.  Crime doesn't just happen here in Omaha, it happens in every single community.  Protect yourself and make sure that your weapons are locked up, and that you are vigilant about your surroundings."

Neighbors told me that they're glad that police got these guys behind bars, and off their street.

"It did surprise me but not really since something just happened recently,” one neighbor explained. "My daughter she's 11 and she likes to go outside and play so I was nervous about letting her go outside and play because they were just shooting."

White is being held on $25,000 bond, Corliss is being held on $20,000 bond.  Stanfill had the highest bond $100,000.  All 3 men will be back in court in November.