Thousands Flock to Buck N Bird Classic


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Thousands Flock to Buck N Bird Classic

By Justin Pazera. CREATED Jan 31, 2014

Omaha, NE -- From the sounds of it, there's a lot going on at this year's Nebraska Buck N Bird Classic. "Anything outdoors," said Jason Schendt. "Hunting, fishing camping, four-wheeling - any of that stuff we've got a little bit of something for the entire family."

The folks at No Swett Fencing are getting ready for a large crowd to walk through their shop. They're selling blinds, high tech deer stands that protect you from the elements. There's even a solar powered feeder. That's just one of the things that's changed with technology. "They've come a long way in everything," said Terry Swett. "As far as cameras in the woods, these feeders and the enclosed blinds. That stuff has all been in the last ten years has really really taken off."

But it's not just about who has the largest mount, the best hunting threads or the crazy technology. There's a goal, to get the youth involved in the outdoors and hunting. "They don't have to hunt and fish but just get outside," said Schendt. "Whether it's going hiking or camping - just exposing them to a different side of things, especially away from the TV and video games." 

The Buck N Bird Classic runs through Sunday at the CenturyLink Center. For more information, click here.