Thieves Break Through Walls to Steal


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Thieves Break Through Walls to Steal

By Justin Pazera. CREATED Aug 23, 2013

Omaha, NE -- Ron Bell is spending his afternoon securing a door at Omaha Liquor and More. The handy man's business has been busy, repairing what a group of thieves likes to tear apart. "I believe it's the same people because of the way I see the crime is done," said Bell.

What's being done? Just about anything and everything to get inside, including cutting the phone and internet line. If the alarm goes off, they tear it apart. And if the door won't open, they will literally tear through a wall, just like they did at Liquor and More. "It's getting to the point that you've got to put an electric fence around your business or something," said Jiwan Guragain who manages the store. Police say this group hit more than 20 metro businesses over the last two years. Recently, Godfather's Pizza at 50th and Grover, a liquor store and cell company next door. Then they hit the Clubhouse Lounge on North 90th.

Police believe the same group is also behind break-ins in Tennessee, Alabama and Missouri. "They're frustrated," said Bell. "They're upset because they thought they've done everything they should do and they find out that they have to do a little bit more and sometimes a little bit more." They complete a few more steps that take more than a few bucks. The manager at Liquor and More says with loss of merchandise and security upgrades, he's out about $6,000. Police say they believe the suspects know someone in Omaha and commit the crimes while visiting the metro. If you have any info you can remain anonymous and call Crime Stoppers for a cash reward at 402-444-STOP.