There Could be Another Special Election in Fremont over Illegal Immigration


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There Could be Another Special Election in Fremont over Illegal Immigration

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Nov 12, 2013

Fremont, NE -  Before Fremont's city council meeting could even begin...

"If you say we're allowed to have our second hearing on this illegal ordinance why isn't it before item 21?"

The fireworks went off.

"And I'm ashamed of you people, I'm ashamed of Fremont and I can't believe this is happening!!!"
Council felt the sting, once again, as most of the town spat out words of anger and disgust. The hype, over the possibility of the council revising parts of the illegal immigration ordinance.
"We the people have chosen to protect ourselves from illegal aliens in our little corner of the world."
The issue is over the portion of the ordinance that prohibits renting to those living illegally in the United States and rental licenses for landlords.
Many came forward Tuesday night who stand behind the revision. They say this ordinance has to go.
"This is a very big black eye to the community. It is affecting our economic development. We've already lost one business that we know of"
"I'm just concerned for my children, for their right that these are third generation American citizens. They can't go outside to play because of the color of their skin when they were born here in Nebraska. As a parent you should be outraged that we're trying to do this segregation in our city. "
Others though are ashamed their city council would even consider a repeal, on the voter approved measure from 2010.
"Get your signatures, then take it a vote of the people. That's how you do it. You don't do it this way. It's we the people, not we the businesses."
The ordinance is on the table because the city fears it would lose federal funding. Required by law, the city must promote fair access and equal housing opportunity. If not Fremont wouldn't be eligible for community development block grants.