Superintendent's Son Accused of Sex Abuse

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Superintendent's Son Accused of Sex Abuse

By Rebekah Rae. CREATED Aug 15, 2013

 Treynor, IA - He's the son of Treynor, Iowa's superintendent and Thursday, Pottawattamie county attorney Matt Wilber pressed charges of kidnapping and sex abuse against the 17-year old.  Kreighton Elwood is facing two counts of sex abuse and one count of kidnapping, all felonies.  The charges stem from allegations made in the winter of 2012 after multiple girls reported Elwood assaulted them.

Wilber says the teen could be tried as an adult for the felonies, "Kidnapping in the first degree is very serious, and it carries a penalty of life in prison."  According to affidavits obtained by Action 3 News, in November, Elwood made arrangements with a girl to hang out.  Records of their text conversation show the girl was hesitant to meet, even texting Elwood that she didn't "want to get raped".  Later that evening, the affidavit states Elwood undressed that girl, fondled her and tried to force her hand down his pants.  
Then in December 2012, Elwood allegedly locked another girl in a car while he fondled and kissed her.  Elwood exposed himself and would not let the girl leave.  Months later, his accuser asked for an explanation and Elwood texted her an apology stating, "I can never explain why I did what I did, or even understand it."
Wilber says Elwood could also serve tough time for the sex crimes.  "Sex abuse in the third degree, those are class C felonies, you can get up to ten years in prison." 
School starts at Treynor High on August 16, school officials tell Action 3 News, Kreighton will not be attending as alternative education arrangements have been made.  School board members declined to comment on whether Superintendent Kevin Elwood's position in at risk.
In July, Elwood turned himself into police, he was later released.  He will be arraigned on September 3.