Soldier Can't Get Squatters Out Of His Home

Soldier Can't Get Squatters Out Of His Home

By Ashlee Pitzl. CREATED Apr 24, 2014

 New Port Richey, Fla. (KMTV) - A Florida soldier said he has been fighting a long battle to remove squatters from his home.

Soldier Michael Sharkey went to Afghanistan two years ago and asked a friend to watch his house while he was away.  That friend hired some guys to make repairs to the home. Two months after the repairs were made, she drove by and noticed the guy and his girlfriend were living there. She was stunned.

Julio Ortiz told police he had a verbal agreement with the friend to live in the home. While Sharkey claims no such agreement was made, and he'd never even met Ortiz until this ordeal, he now has to go through the process in civil court to have Ortiz evicted!

You can read the full story of Sharkey's ordeal, as reported by WFLA, here.