Sentencing delayed again for a teen accused of three similar attacks on women

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Sentencing delayed again for a teen accused of three similar attacks on women

By Emily Szink. CREATED Aug 11, 2014

Relatives of 17-year-old Kyle Ferraguti showed up to support him in court in Sarpy County on Monday.  While the judge delayed his sentencing, his family came to his defense.

For months, Ferraguti’s mother and grandmother declined to comment about the allegations brought against the 17-year-old.  But, when the judge continued his sentencing for a second time, the family spoke out.

"It's very hard.  Like I stated, being a mother and a woman it's very hard.  You don't ever think a child is ever going to do this,” said 17-year-old Kyle Ferraguti’s mother, Gina. 

A few months ago 17-year-old Kyle Ferraguti pleaded guilty to assaulting and trying to strangle a 26-year old dancer in December of 2013. 

"He's really embarrassed about it, that he did this.  But you know, given the circumstances, he said the way she was communicating with him and the way that they had conversed and talked back and forth, he kind of thought it was a girlfriend situation where he could meet up with her.  They even kind of talked about the exchanging of money,” said Gina Ferraguti. 

Gina Ferraguti said her son was 16-years-old when he reached out to what she described as an “escort” on Facebook.  Gina says he admitted things got violent, when the woman would not give Kyle his money back.

“At what point do you decide wait a minute, this is a minor child.  You could see this right away, this shouldn't have even happened,” said Diana Ferraguti, Kyle’s grandma. 

Ferraguti's grandmother Diana says her grandson shouldn't have done what he did. But she thinks the 26-year-old woman should be charged for soliciting prostitution.

“His goal was to go to college and now there will be none of that,” said Kyle’s grandma.

The judge continued the sentencing for assault and strangulation to next Monday.  But even then, Kyle is not done.  Ferraguti faces similar charges in another case involving a Bellevue woman and a Douglas County case involving a teen.