Pennsylvania School Bans Halloween Parties

Pennsylvania School Bans Halloween Parties

By Kristi Salyers. CREATED Oct 10, 2013

Towamencin, PA- Halloween is a time for kids to play dress up and use their imagination to the fullest; it's fun for them on Halloween night and at school.  But one principal isn't letting the kids enjoy festivities, and that has some parents upset.

No Iron Man, Power Rangers or Superman. Perhaps the only time of the year you can wear a costume to class is canceled for Inglewood Elementary School in Towamencin, Pennsylvania.

Many parents are angry over receiving a letter written by the principal cancelling the celebration.
The letter says some people consider holidays like Halloween secular while others say they have religious overtones. It goes on to say, "The school district's policy directs all North Penn Schools to not sponsor or support celebration of Halloween parades, Halloween parties or dressing in Halloween costumes."

New regulations for building wide celebrations come from demands for academic achievement.

The school district says there will be a fall festival after school where kids can wear their costumes on Friday, October 18.