Sammy Nahorny Family Dubs Governor Dave Heineman a Fellow Superhero


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Sammy Nahorny Family Dubs Governor Dave Heineman a Fellow Superhero

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Aug 13, 2014

Lincoln, NE - "Honey if you want to walk you can." 

He's still the silly, energetic six year old we met in May. Sammy Nahorny goes to school when he can and plays soccer too. But Wednesday you could find him traipsing around the capitol.

"Now we want to recognize September 2014 as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month ."
Governor Dave Heineman signed a proclamation making September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.
"We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Governor Heineman and his staff for becoming super heroes today."
Sammy's mom Erin is becoming an expert on pediatric cancer. It started when doctors diagnosed Sammy with nueroblastoma in June of 2012.
"He's doing well, he's feeling good and acting crazy and being a normal 6 year old and we're just trying to determine the next options for treatment because the options right now for him are clinical trials."
You wouldn't know by looking at him, but Sammy has been through some tough treatments. One even made him radioactive. That didn't cure Sammy.
"We found out in June that it hadn't changed the status of his disease at all. It seems like we fight and fight and fight and there hasn't been a change for him."
Only Sammy is a superhero so he keeps fighting for all children with cancer, like his friend Jack Hoffman. Jack recently learned his brain cancer is out of remission.
"We were devastated to hear the news that things have changed. That his status has changed. We work together and we are in this together like I said. When it happens to them we feel it too."
Erin says that's why days like today are so important. To raise awareness and find a cure.
"Childhood cancer, we have to raise money."
The unicameral set aside $1.8 million for childhood cancer research this year. The non profit organization Sammy's Superheroes has raised at least $400,000.